Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth Co-Chairs Mark National Foster Care Month

May 1, 2021
“National Foster Care Month is a month to recognize the successes and challenges of the more than 400,000 foster youth across the country and to acknowledge the tireless efforts of those who work to improve outcomes for children in the child welfare system every day. Making sure that all children have a permanent and loving home is not a Democratic or Republican issue—it should be an American priority. This May, we come together to celebrate the resilience and advocacy of the youth who are in, or have been in, the child welfare system and raise awareness about their needs, especially as many are facing new or exacerbated challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Approximately 18,000 youth exit foster care without a family each year, and, unfortunately, the outcomes for these young people are discouraging even in times of economic prosperity. We are especially concerned about transition-age foster youth suffering serious social and economic hardship during this pandemic -- from homelessness to food insecurity and a lack of healthcare. As we raise awareness about their struggles this month, we must also raise our voices in support of those on the front lines of our child welfare system – the social workers, the child care providers, the kinship care givers, and the advocates – all working around the clock to help those in need.
“The Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth stands with those placed in our system, those who have aged out, and those who work with both groups as protectors. This month, we honor them.”