Violet Ramunni

What is the one thing you wish people knew about the foster care system from your perspective?

I would like people to know that the system as a whole has cracks, and with those cracks come statistics and labels. We, who are in the system with these cracks, are trying to attempt to be normal, recover and thrive all at the same time. With the foster care system it can rob you of these strides or push you to go above and beyond.

What was the key takeaway from your experience of Foster Youth Shadow Day last year?

One of thing I took away from shadow day out of the many many incredible and memorable things was during Dr.Phils speech. He said "sometimes you have to give yourself what you should get from somebody else". For me this has been the main point since I emancipated from the foster care system on Aug 19, 2013. Whether it be something as simple as saying "Im proud of you" or a reminder to myself that Ive made it through worse than this, I can do this. Something that continues to get me through.